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When deciding as to whether Dental Implant Treatment should be undertaken there are risks that should be considered by patients. Although Dental implants help preserve jaw and facial bones, bone loss and gum recession may still occur at a unpredictable rate and may lead to changes in the appearance of treated teeth, gums or face. Future treatment may need to be undertaken and may incur additional costs. Other possible complications may lead to the removal of one or more of implants that may result in a)placement of additional implants, b) remaking of the initial prosthesis. The risk of failing implants are significantly higher in smokers and such patients are encouraged to quite before undertaking the Dental Implant Treatment. Continuing to smoke after Dental Implant Treatment does affect the warranty of the implants.

There are specific risks associated with implant placement surgery, these include but are not limited to and may incur further costs – Perforation of the sinus wall, nerve injury which may result in permanent numbness, changed feeling in upper lip, cheek, side of nose, lower eyelid, lower lip and chin, gum recession, Sinusitis which if severe may necessitate implant removal and or further surgical procedures to address, partial or total loss of bone material which may result in implant failure of inability to place an implant, facial or jaw joint pain in cases where many or all teeth are replaced by implants.

In some dental implant treatment cases it may be necessary for Bone Grafting or Guided Tissue Regeneration. Bond Street Dental will advise whether this will be necessary however in some cases it is not known prior to surgery that this is indicated. In these cases, additional costs will be incured




The ‘teeth’ are permanently fixed to the implants and can only be removed by a dentist. When undertaking this procedure it is imperative to be aware that oral hygiene practices for dental implants will require more skill (dexterity) and diligence. Our dedicated staff will instruct and support you on how to best look after the prosthesis.



This procedure is often performed in conjunction with or in preparation for dental implants. In most cases a mixture of ‘Bio-Oss’ (bovine bone) with some locally harvested particulate autogenous (your own) bone can be used to improve the volume of bone. Where there is insufficient local bone present the autogenous graft may require surgical harvesting from a distant site in the mouth. This procedure has separate surgical risks and whilst rare, some local numbness may occur. Such procedure may also cause swelling or discomfort at a site distant to where the implants were placed. Bone grafting often delays the timeframe for the second implant stage to 9-12 months. Where extensive grafting or a shorter timeframe is required, an adjunctive process of deriving growth factors from your own blood (‘Harvest Technology’) can be used to accelerate and promote bone and gingival healing and maturation. This procedure is an additional cost (unless stated otherwise). In extreme circumstances ‘Block Grafting’ may be required from a different part of the body. Referral to a specialist surgeon may be required, and the timeframe is generally increased to 12-15 months.



GTR is a procedure, often used in conjunction with bone grafting, involving locally isolating bone from the overlying soft tissues /gum by using a special membrane barrier. It works by avoiding soft tissue migration or compression and creating a ‘space’ into which bone can ‘grow’. A number of different types of barrier-membranes are available. In most cases, the membrane is dissolvable. Where a non-dissolvable or titanium-reinforced membrane is used the membrane will require removal about 4-6 months later. Placement of a membrane increases the risks for infection and a strict adherence to the prescribed Oral Hygiene protocols is required.



GA procedures are performed either at a registered private Hospital or a Day Surgery Facility located at Bond Street Dental. The anaesthetic is administered by a specialist anaesthetist. The fees for the anaesthetist are additional and may be partly claimed through Medicare. The fees for the theatre facilities are also additional and are usually payable on the day of admission. Anaesthetic complications are rare but may include allergic reactions, ischemia (damage resulting from insufficient oxygen to organs), deep vein thrombosis (clotting of the blood), embolism (passage of a blood clot through one’s blood to a distant site), paralysis, stroke, or other detriment to one’s health. FOOD, DRINKS & ORAL MEDICINES must be avoided at least 6 hours prior to the procedure, or as otherwise directed. Smokers may have delayed recovery or an increased predisposition to complications. Avoidance of smoking and improving the general health with light-moderate exercise (eg. Walking) in the weeks leading up to the procedure helps improve recovery.



Please note that period noted as life expectancy throughout this form is estimated for permanent & finished prostheses assuming proper oral hygiene practices, regular dental visits, compliance with dental and medical advice, maintenance treatment as required, successful related previous or adjunctive treatments and non-smokers. All information provided in any form by our staff and representatives, or displayed in our advertisements, including (without limitation) references to procedures, results of treatment, timing of treatment and estimates of costs, is non-specific and always subject to a comprehensive oral examination by a dentist, a diagnostic work-up, radiographic examination, and assessment by a medical practitioner or specialist, as may be required, and at an associated cost and timeframe. Treatment possibilities and results will vary from patient to patient. Any further questions should be directed to info@bondst.com.au


Reference to Finance or Payment Plans

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